High-Concept, Near-Future, Speculative YA Novel


By Apple Plotnick Jannotta, applewrites@live.com

All second-born poor children are required to live in work camps, called Markets, once they turn four. By design, families are torn apart forever. 14-year-old Witt witnesses a murder in one of the first set of siblings he’s ever seen.

Now he can’t shake the idea that he could have family, too.

Obsessed with the mystery of why he was placed in the high-tech workhouse two years ahead of everyone else, he plans to steal his own data record from Washif—the deadly head of the Brutals—and tries to recruit Bridger to help him, a mysterious girl who roams outside of the tracking systems.

Witt must become the first child to make it out of the Market alive to learn his true identity and overthrow the world Full Federal has architected without him.

But can he escape alive?

Will he ever meet his own family?

Can hope win against oppression?




All works copyright Apple Plotnick Jannotta and booksbyapple.com. All rights reserved.