By Apple Plotnick Jannotta,


In our near future, the rich classes are actively eradicating the poor class. One organization, Full Federal, has taken over control of the government and its politicians, while also owning the sole website where all goods and services are purchased. To fulfill its orders, Full Federal uses warehouses as workhouses, calling them Markets and staffing them with the children of the poor.

To minimize future generations of poor, the rich pass laws making it illegal for the poor to have more than one child. As punishment for offenders, any subsequent poor child born is sent to government-owned work camps until they turn 18, giving their lives in hard labor as punishment for their parent’s actions. These Markets are dangerous and self-policed by the Brutals, a squad of violent children who grow up in them. Forcefully orphaned and without personal morality, the children inside the Market follow their own ruthless policing and punishment within the confines of its concrete walls.

Witt, a 14-year-old boy living inside a Market, accidentally discovers secrets there that would change the lives of thousands of children, and reshape society as a whole. But will he be able to survive the Brutals long enough to escape and share the secrets of The Market with the outside world? Will he ever see his own family again? Can hope overthrow oppression?


All works copyright Apple Plotnick Jannotta and All rights reserved.